Alzheimer's Disease Association

Dear Sir,

We would like to commend on Kenneth Wee (Senior System Engineer) who provided support to Alzheimer’s Disease Association in setting up Fortigate 9D and wireless APs during our recent office move to new premise at BS Bendemeer Centre. Kenneth supported ADA during the period from 25 Oct 2019 to 31 Oct 2019, and on 7 Nov 2019. In between 25 Oct 2019 to 31 Oct 2019 he still need to shuttle to another site which we assumed he had been pre-scheduled to provide his service.

The network migration was not smooth for ADA as after the SingTel ONT and Fortigate was setup there was still intermittent network downtime and staff were not able to do their work at the new office. Kenneth took a systematic approach to tackle the incident. Firstly he troubleshot on Fortigate end by reconfiguration, changing to another router, before narrowing down to issue at SingTel ONT. This set the path for SingTel team to take over the incident and finally resolved the intermittent network downtime by rebooting on backend. Kenneth was calm, systematic, professional and reassuring throughout the incident, focusing on identifying the root cause of the incident. In the evening he also documented and emailed updates to us, making sure that we are duly informed of the situation, so that we are on time to provide update to management. After the issue was resolved, Kenneth also followed up promptly to monitor the network health on site to ensure that everything is in order.

We would surely recommend Kenneth as a reliable and effective resource in providing excellent service to customer.

Thank you.


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