Thanks for the help. I like to commend on the hard done by Jason and Andy to help me solve this issue.

First of all, Jason tried his best to try to solve the issue through upgrading the firmware. This method managed to solve the issue but produced another side effect. The new firmware created another step of checking attached devices to the printer upon rebooting or powering up. All of my printers in the warehouse has an additional bar dimm attached to it. Therefore, I wanted the firmware to be downgraded to be the same as the other printers that I have. Jason went the extra mile to help me get the firmware. This kind of working attitude is commendable.

Second, Jason and Andy came on the second trip to my side to help me to downgrade the firmware. Apparently, they encountered some issues with the downgrading. Noticing that it would be time consuming, they suggest to bring back in order not to affect my work. This simple gesture is really something all consumers look for in each engineer dispatched to their sites. The attitude to work to fulfil the consumers' needs and not affecting their work is truly admirable.

Lastly, I would like to thank Jason and Andy for going the extra mile to help solve this issue and roll back the firmware so that there will not be impact on my site's operations. 

To whoever it may concern,

I wish to send my compliments to the service technician, Jason on his excellent service. His working attitude is very pleasant. I had a printer that was down due to certain technical error. He is able to resolve the hardware issue with no trouble at all. However, when the new hardware is installed, the firmware version is different. My site is a bit unique as the printers have a bardimm installed for barcode to be printed out. He realize that the firmware was wrong and will require to downgrade. The firmware was not found in the HP website and he took the extra mile to find this specific version for my printers. I understand that the firmware is quite old but taking the extra mile just to find is something that a customer will appreciate. .

He has even given me the firmware to keep so if in the future, similar thing happened, it will be easier to resolve. Thus, please send my compliments to the service technician, Jason. The service was excellent.

Best Regards,
Ken Ng
System Administrator
SKF Logistics Services Singapore

SKF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
No. 1 Changi South Lane
Singapore 486070


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