A Complete Guide to Managed Cyber Security Services

The cyber-world is changing faster than ever, and it leaves organizations, individuals, and small businesses vulnerable to cybercrimes. They need to adopt a comprehensive cyber security plan to protect themselves against risks and threats. Implementing and testing controls, regularly maintaining and monitoring the security management programs using reliable and trustworthy managed cyber security services can help mitigate risks and potential cyber attacks.

Has your business ever had to deal with malware, virus infection, or cyber attacks? The damage cyber attacks do to companies ranges from unauthorized access through a relatively simple attack to a large-scale breach of critical data that can result in prolonged downtime. It damages your company's reputation and the confidence of your investors and customers. Do not let a cyber incident destroy your organization. Managed services from a cyber security company can help you optimize the security posture of your organization.

In this article, we will discuss managed cyber security services, why they are important for organizations, and how a good cyber security management provider can value-add to your business.

What Are Managed Cyber Security Services?

Managed cyber security services are provided by third-party organisations for the administration of an organization's security processes. These services implement, monitor, maintain, and enhance an enterprise's cyber security posture. Managed cyber security service providers (MSSP) provide security services ranging from setting up infrastructure to security management and/or incident response. Some service providers specialize in specific areas, while others can manage a complete outsourcing of an organization's information security programme.

As security threats and cyber incidents are becoming increasingly common, many businesses are partnering with the managed cyber security service providers in addition to their existing cyber security programs. They provide expert monitoring and management, protecting data and hardware from potential cyber attacks. MSSP manages and implements security programs for organizations. These include:

  • Managed firewalls
  • Intrusion detection
  • Blocking viruses and spam
  • Implementing upgrades or system changes
  • Setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Security and compliance audits
  • Security assessment and reporting
  • System monitoring
  • Penetration testing
  • Security analytics


Moreover, a good cyber security company helps you monitor the security devices and systems in a workspace. Most MSSPs provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • Log monitoring and management
  • Device management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Consultancy services


Managed cyber security service providers generally offer a whole suite of managed IT services for organizations. They typically provide a form of cyber security to help organizations with their basic security needs.

Why Are Managed Cyber Security Services Important?

Organizations need to consider the importance of managed security services to protect themselves from cyber attacks. MSSPs can be a valuable resource for companies that want to maximize their security but do not have the resources to manage an in-house cyber security team. These services provide strategies and designs to give a robust security posture.

MSSPs shield organizations against cyber threats and strengthen their cyber defense. They use a multilayered defense strategy to protect your organization from different angles. It means they do not only safeguard you from external threats, such as network intrusions or malware, but also security from the security breaches caused by employees accidentally or deliberately.

Some of the services that cyber security management providers can offer include:

  • Information Security Assessment
    Examine the maturity of your company's information security programs and identify the weaknesses and gaps in them and provide opportunities for improvement. Choose a good cyber security company and identify the risks to your business.
  • Data Governance
    These services help you handle a large volume of data and enhance your cyber security posture by efficient data management.
  • Advanced Security Solutions
    These include anti-malware software, managed firewalls, web filtering, intrusion detection, multi-factor authentication, access management, and patch management.
  • Dedicated Security Analysts
    MSSPs have specialists who detect critical flaws in your IT infrastructure and recommend security measures to mitigate the risk of a security breach.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
    They can track security-related incidents in your IT environment, such as suspicious downloads or failed logins. It then examines the incident and creates comprehensive security reports.
  • Incident Investigation and Response
    If a security breach occurs, security experts remediate the threat instantly, assess the damage, and find the origin of the attack.
  • Threat Hunting
    Security experts proactively find out and isolate threats that are evasive for existing security solutions.
  • Risk and Compliance
    They align your GRC operations to business performance drivers using frameworks such as PCI/DSS, GDPR, NIST, NYDFS, ISO, and others with IT security service programs.
  • Penetration Testing and Phishing
    Effective security comes with a clear understanding of the critical flaws and vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. Phishing assessment and penetration testing protect your organization against security threats.
  • Security Awareness Training
    Educate your organization's employees about the strength and weaknesses in your security posture, and empower them against hackers. Good managed cyber security service providers make sure your employees stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Why Is It Important To Choose A Good Cyber Security Company?

There is a wide range of managed cyber security service providers in the market today. It is important to identify your organization's security needs and engage a good cyber security company to address them. Before opting for cyber security services, security and IT teams need to plan carefully around which operations need to be outsourced. Once you have mapped out your requirements, it is necessary to research the best service providers and shortlist a few of them. Meet them and check customer feedback before hiring them. Because a good cyber security company is one that:

  • Optimize controls
  • Improve governance
  • Reduce the TCO of the risk
  • Optimize security posture
  • Strengthen security processes
  • Reduce legal risks
  • Increase profitability
  • Provides scalability

Why Choose Adventus For Managed Cyber Security Services?

Adventus provides managed cyber security services and cyber resilience regardless of the size of your organization. Our cyber security services provide organizations with the most effective tools, solutions, services, processes, policies, and practices to protect their intellectual properties, security posture, and financial assets. We provide cyber security assessments that help you understand your security posture, detect vulnerabilities in them, and set the baseline for improvement.

Moreover, our managed services come with multi-factor authentication, endpoint protection, next-generation firewall, device encryption, and email security. We provide a robust solution to defend against cyber attacks and let you drastically reduce implementation efforts, cost, and maintenance requirements. With our team of highly skilled experts, we let our clients build cyber resilience, innovate safely, and grow with confidence. Get in touch and enhance your company's cyber security today!

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